Caris' Peace

by Gaylen Ross, Rebecca Nelson, Steve Skrovan

The story of theatre and film actress Caris Corfman who was hijacked by a brain tumor, and her resolute effort to reclaim her life in theater. [more detail]
Caris' Peace one-woman show at The Flea Theatre
Caris' Peace one-woman show at The Flea Theatre


What is an actress without her memory? The extraordinary true story of Caris Corfman, gifted actress, singer and dancer, whose rising career was abruptly cut short. The removal of a brain tumor left her without short-term memory. Caris was once an actress whose talent presumed a lifetime career, whether starring opposite Ian Holm in the dramatic film Dreamland or in the original Broadway cast of Amadeus with Ian McKellen and Tim Curry.

Since her brain surgeries (there were four in all) she can't remember a line of dialogue, a stage direction, or an entrance or exit cue — the very foundation of her profession. The simplest dance step or lyric of a song eluded her, though she trained in dance and music since childhood. With the support of her friends, Yale Drama School classmates, family, and above all herself, with steely determination Caris fights to reach what appears an unattainable goal: her return to the stage. Through this articulate woman we witness an extraordinary journey to regain a life once lived.


Gaylen Ross, Director/Producer

Ross has produced, directed and written award-winning documentary films for over 25 years, premiering in national and international film festivals. Among her films, Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis, was an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, broadcast on BBC Storyville, shown in 11 countries and has enjoyed an unprecedented theatrical release in the US, Israel and France. It was named by the LA Times as one of the best documentary films of 2010. She produced and wrote the Emmy award-winning Blood Money: Switzerland's Nazi Gold — feature-length doc on the Swiss Banks and the Holocaust accounts. Her documentary on diamond dealers Dealers Among Dealers which aired on PBS's POV was the official selection of the Berlin Film Festival, Haifa International Film Festival, awarded a Gold Plaque from the Chicago Film Festival. Her latest film Caris' Peace about an actress who lost her memory premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival, won first place Athens Film Festival, Ohio; and presented as the featured film for the Rubin Museum of Art's Brainwave series in New York.

Rebecca Nelson, Co-director/Producer

Steve Skrovan, Producer

Andrew Ford, Producer/Editor

Lewis Black, Producer