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Terry Jones (Seneca)
Laure Sullivan
Paul Wilson

The film Casino Nation is a snapshot of a Native American tribe at a crossroads. After having endured a long and bloody struggle over tribal gaming, the Seneca Nation of Indians is now in the casino business. In production now, this film highlights the impact of sudden prosperity on this small sovereign nation that has historically struggled with crushing poverty. Will the distinctive culture and identity of these native people be able to withstand the onslaught of American culture's promise of big and easy money? And will the tribe be able to heal the deep rifts created by conflict over casinos? The film explores these and other issues facing the Senecas during this critical time of sweeping change.

Production Pipeline
PBS series P.O.V.
Casino Nation is slated for broadcast in 2008 on the PBS series P.O.V. co/presented by Native American Public TV, ITVS/LINCS, KNME, AMDOC Diverse Voices.

Native American Public Television
Casino Nation was one of seven projects selected for funding in 2003 and produced at Native American Public Telecommunications.

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