Out of My Head

by Jacki Ochs and Susanna Styron, Eleventh Hour Films

A documentary film about MIGRAINE — the complex neurological disease - and the consequences for millions living in its grip.

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Out of My Head illustration
Out of My Head illustration


Out of My Head is a feature documentary film being prepared for a Fall 2017 launch. The film explores the history and mystery of Migraine, and its remarkable place in the human condition.

Migraine is a devastating but fascinating neurological condition with a compelling story to tell. Alice in Wonderland, Thomas Jefferson, Sigmund Freud, and Joan Didion all figure into its colorful history.

Our film takes a look at the entertaining details, and the big questions too — like the source and management of illness, the economic cost of human disability, and the nature of pain and suffering — while shining a spotlight on the frontiers of neuroscience and the exploration of the brain.

Most importantly, you will hear courageous and wondrous stories directly from migraineurs.


Susanna Styron, Writer/Director

Susanna is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked professionally for over thirty years making documentary and narrative shorts and features, and written and directed for television. Her films have shown on TV, in theaters, museums, and in numerous film festivals including Venice and Tokyo. She has worked with a range of film artists including Sidney Lumet, Ken Russell, Jonathan Demme, Harvey Keitel, and Andie MacDowell, to name a few.

Jacki Ochs, Producer

Jacki has been producing and directing fim in documentary and hybrid forms for over thirty years. The Sundance Special Jury Prize, SXSW Best Documentary Film Award, and Guggenheim Fellowship are just a few of the honors she has received. Her work has appeared in festivals and been broadcast worldwide. Reviews have appeared in New York Times, Variety, Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald and Film Comment to name just a few major U.S. publications. Some prior films include Vietnam: The Secret Agent and Letters Not About Love.

Together, Jacki (Producer) and Susanna (Producer/Director) produced the critically acclaimed documentary feature 9/12: From Chaos to Community, about the volunteer community at Ground Zero after the World Trade Center attacks. This film was a Video Librarian Magazine Best Film of the Year, and is sold at the World Trade Center Memorial Museum in New York City. Actor and former firefighter Steve Buscemi put it this way: "I am especially grateful to the filmmakers for capturing so poignantly and accurately the shared feelings of awe, camaraderie, loss and love that brought everyday people together in our city's greatest time of need."

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