Vietnam: the Secret Agent

by Jacki Ochs and Daniel Keller, a co-production of Human Arts Association and Green Mountain Post Films

This award winning classic documents the history of chemical warfare and the plight of American veterans exposed to Agent Orange and dioxin during the war in Vietnam. [more detail]

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Vietnam: The Secret Agent restoration poster
Maureen Ryan and daughter Kerry, 2nd generation Agent Orange victim
Maureen Ryan and daughter Kerry, 2nd generation Agent Orange victim


Every issue raised in this historic film continues to resonate today.

As soldiers return from new wars plagued by illness, disability, and post-traumatic stress; as government leadership fails, and as fresh environmental catastrophes evoke debate about corporate accountability; it is essential to illuminate struggles and lessons from the past.

Veterans exposed during the Vietnam war to Agent Orange and dioxin contamination, who seek treatment for their children and themselves, are the principal subjects of this gripping documentary -- an unsparing look at chemical warfare, herbicides, toxic waste, and the fraught yet enduring military-industrial complex. 


Community, theatrical and specialized screenings are now possible featuring the new 4K restoration by IndieCollect, funded by the HFPA Trust and IndieCollect donors to the Jane Fonda Fund for Women Directors.

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This film is a co-production of Human Arts Association and Green Mountain Post Films.

Some of Jacki Ochs' award-winning documentaries include Vietnam: The Secret Agent (Special Jury Prize/Sundance Film Festival), Letters Not About Love (Best Documentary Feature/SXSW Film Festival), Out of My Head (Best International Documentary/Melbourne Documentary FF). In addition to directing, Jacki is a producer and executive producer of documentary film. She is the recipient of the Guggenheim and two MacDowell Colony fellowships and has been Executive Director of Human Arts Association since 1980.  She is Professor Emerita at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn and a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Daniel Keller has enjoyed decades of producing, directing, shooting, and editing documentary films, many related to  the environment and threats to it from human activity, He is Co-Founder and President of Green Mountain Post Films, a production/distribution company of social issue films, including “Lovejoy’s Nuclear War,” the story of one man’s fight against a Massachusetts nuclear plant, which was chosen for the John Grierson Award in 1976. He lives on and maintains a small organic farm, raising sustainable fruit, vegetables, and sheep with his wife and children.


Helicopter spray mission during war in Vietnam
Helicopter spray mission during war in Vietnam